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SunStar R&C are responsible for the development and manufacturing of single and multi-head embroidery machines. Sunstar 's embroidery machinery guarantees the supreme embroidering quality. The quality of the machine directly affects the final production. SWF guarantees the quality of its product so that you can guarantee the quality of yours. SWF uses the latest technology to manufacture its embroidery machines. All of SWF embroidery machines can embroider a wide variety of goods such as shirts, jackets, golf wear, bags, socks etc. . Main business activities are embroidery service and IT technologies.

We are the official "Happy JAPAN representatives. "Happy" is a world-known brand. The company is in the embroidery market more than 80 years and has a wealth of experience and technological advantage. Modern Japanese embroidery machines work very accurately and efficiently and offer superior durability. We offer a wide selection of single and multi head embroidery machines, for industrial services - very efficiently and reliably produced in Japan.

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